8. Februar, 2016

Psychological Diagnostics –
a brief History (german)

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Die Wiege der Psychologie liegt in Mannheim – Wilhelm Wundt, der Begründer der wissenschaftlichen, empirischen Psychologie, wurde 1832 in Mannheim-Neckarau geboren.
In der psychologischen Forschung ging es damals jedoch weniger um die Beurteilung von […]

7. Juli, 2015

Guide for Online Assessments (german)

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Der Online-Assessment-Experte ALPHA-TEST aus Mannheim weiß um die wachsende Bedeutung von Online-Tests im Bewerbermanagement in den letzten Jahren und rät Unternehmen, ihre Bewerber frühzeitig mit den neuen Anforderungen an sie vertraut zu machen. Der […]

19. Dezember, 2014

Non-falsifiable Online Tests

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The use of online recruitment tests has significantly increased in the past years, especially in the area of apprenticeship. Online assessments provide a cost-effective and efficient tool for the pre-selection of candidates for many […]

9. Oktober, 2014

ALPHA-TEST Contribution to the OSA Conference in Marburg

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Universities and colleges are increasingly using online self assessments (OSAs) to inform prospective students about studying. As a developer of web-based assessments, alpha-test was at the Marburg Congress of Online Self Assessments on 15th […]

31. Juli, 2014

Online Self Assessment for Career Orientation

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Do you want to help your applicants to choose the right profession? With an online self assessment on your website you will increase the number of matching candidates.

The interest in an activity is an […]

30. Juni, 2014

Online Assessment has international Relevance

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Both applicants and employers benefit from o nline assessment. Such tools are successfully used around the world. Find out, where people are the most interested.

For more than 15 years ALPHA-TEST GmbH develops tools for […]

23. März, 2014
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    Alphi-Film: Tips for your Candidates about Online Assessments

Alphi-Film: Tips for your Candidates about Online Assessments

von |For companies|

Alphi explains how to operate the online tests from ALPHA-TEST.


1. März, 2014

Online Self Assessment at the University of Vienna

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The University of Vienna is with 90,000 students the largest university in the German-speaking area. ALPHA-TEST was chosen as partner for the implementation of online self assessments. Thanks to the new regulations of the […]