Best Practice: Online Self Assessment at the Vienna University

The University of Vienna with 90,000 students is the largest university in the German-speaking area.

The ALPHA-TEST GmbH has developed an online self assessment that enables a voluntary suitability check of prospective students, meeting specific requirements of the University of Vienna. It is already used in following courses:

  • Life Sciences
  • Economics
  • Mass Media and Communication Science
  • Translation Studies
  • English and American Studies

The online self assessment starts with an animation, the Uni-rally, which already contains some tasks to be solved by the prospective students. It is followed by additional psychological tests, which capture the personality and the subject-specific knowledge, as well as the interest and expectations of the chosen course of study.

The first extensive results of more than 5,000 test completions (as of August 2013) are not only an expression of the great response, but also demonstrate the success of the course-specific online self assessments. We are therefore pleased that the University of Vienna has commissioned us to develop OSAs for other subjects.