Best Practice: PENNY`s Online Assessment



The discounter PENNY belonging to the REWE Group based in Cologne, is a leading discounter in Europe with a turnover of more than ten billion euros. The branch network in Germany, Austria, Italy, Romania, Czech Republic, Bulgaria and Hungary includes about 3,600 stores with approximately 46,000 employees. In Germany, approximately 28,000 employees work for Penny. 300 training positions are offered annually, receiving more than 12,000 online applications.

The integration of our online assessments in the SAP application management system enables automated inviting candidates to the test procedure. Candidates perform their specific online assessment from home; the results are automatically transmitted as an XML file, as well as a PDF to the application management system. Thus the HR department has all the data of an applicant in one „folder“ in a system.

  • Applications are made via an online form on the company website
  • The data is stored in one system (SAP-HR) by the customer (or by system provider)
  • Automatic comparison of the data with the job requirements
  • Ranking by A, B or C-candidates


Through the online assessment, the efficiency of the selection process on one hand and its quality on the other were improved.