If you have individual Requirements, ALPHA-TEST develops your perfect customized Online Assessment!

ALPHA-TEST is the expert for optimally customized online assessments and their technical implementation. This will increase the acceptance and commitment of your applicants.

We develop online tests for various purposes: personnel selection, potential analysis, employee surveys, coaching, and adjust them so that they fit perfectly into the corporate design, culture and image of your company:

  • 360-degree analysis with questions that are tailored to your business
  • Gamification includes games, fun and with us in addition well thought out tasks to assess your candidates
  • Online self assessment: career tests and tests for career orientation


An attractive layout and high test quality – by ALPHA-TEST you can find both!

360 Degree Feedback

The 360 degree feedback has been proven as a standard tool in personnel development. The aim is to assess managers from different perspectives and from different people: from their own supervisors, their employees, colleagues and possibly customers. In addition, an online self assessment can be conducted. The data is evaluated in anonymous form. This results in finding both development opportunities for the assessed manager as well as a picture of the leadership culture, when several managers are assessed systematically.

Each company has its own culture and specific management guidelines. Therefore, such an instrument can only be used company-specific. We have developed a tool that allows a custom compilation of valid questions on the basis of the company’s competency model. This means you profit from

  • the standardization
  • the benchmarks
  • your own management model
  • the Look&Feel of your company


The online test designed this way leads to a high level of acceptance among your employees!



“Entertain and Recruit” is the motto of this innovative product of ALPHA-TEST. To inspire high potentials for a company is always a hot topic, in times when many applicants are on the market, as well as during periods of recovery, in which the candidate market is deserted.

To ensure that your company remains attractive to your target audience, and that you can address and choose your candidates specifically and efficiently, we have developed the online assessment RECRUITAINER. We combine information about your company with an exciting story and implement it graphically in an exquisite way. Gaming elements serve to keep the tension, but also represent elaborated psychological tasks with which the competencies of your candidates will be assessed. We take into account your corporate culture and corporate design and fit the product to your wishes.




There are diverse benefits to your company:

  • You can access much more suitable candidates than with traditional methods.
  • You still minimize the effort for the selection.
  • You can use RECRUITAINER for internal and external personnel marketing.
  • Your employees can find their strengths and development potentials.
  • You have a possibility for an effective product placement.
  • You inform your candidates about the company and thus increase the commitment.



Our online self assessments can have different objectives in your organization:

  • Service to the applicants for career orientation
  • Self-selection of the candidates
  • Personnel development: develop career paths


Those characteristics that are particularly important for a desired position will be measured and will provide the candidate hints about his/ her suitability. Online self assessments are highly accepted by applicants and have a positive effect on personnel marketing of your company. In the staff development you can use the instrument for a targeted promotion of your employees.