ALPHA-TEST enables seamless Integration of Online Assessments in your IT Structure!

IT-Know-how is one of our core competencies!

For more than 15 years ALPHA-TEST has developed online assessments not just in psychological terms but in technical terms too.

We have developed our products from single applications on the internet to a part of a connected and coherent IT structure for the customer.

Our clients know that the integration of online assessment applications avoids structure crashes in the administration and processing of online assessment data. The advantages of integration are obvious:

  • highly automated processes
  • speed of decision making processes
  • scalable interfaces and APIs
  • standardized web service



Your HR staff can spend more time on strategic tasks!

“Integrated Application Management” is the magic formula for an efficient and valid selection. This means you use a single system, taking advantage of the experience of two experts: Our experience with valid online assessments and the experience of your provider for application management software.

The following processes are mapped in a system:

  • The invitation to the online test is done via your AM-system, just as you would invite the applicant to an interview.
  • After the candidate completes the online assessment the result is transmitted as a PDF file into your AM system.
  • Further test parameters will also be transmitted as numerical values for statistical analyzes.


We have experience with the integration of our online assessments into various applicant management systems, regardless of the provider

  • SAP-HR
  • Successfactors
  • Delphi
  • Rexx
  • Lumesse
  • Umantis
  • Mich & Zucker
  • Taleo
  • and other internet based systems


Companies that do not use web-based application management system that can use our test system PIAT to manage their test data. This provides a variety of functions:

  • independent creation of single test access data
  • automated generation of access data for large numbers of candidates
  • defining of locations and profession groups
  • import of applicant data for automatic invitation to an online test
  • export of test results in different formats
  • the results will be provided in real time in a PDF or HTML format
  • management of internal and group-specific norms
  • ranking and scoring functions
  • extensively parametetizable search
  • flexible combination of test batteries
  • possibility to adapt to the corporate design


The importance of data protection has grown rapidly the latest since the spread of the Internet, because the data collection, data management, data processing and data transmission have become much easier. In this context, the Federal Constitutional Court states in its jurisprudence clearly that privacy is a fundamental right (right to informational self-determination). Data protection is regulated at the federal level by the Federal Data Protection Act, which may be applied to the private sector and the federal authorities.

The data protection specialist of ALPHA-TEST is actively pursuing the latest developments in the law of data protection and converts these requirements into technical and organizational measures. Our customers can expect our online assessments are always privacy compliant.


Operational and Data Security

We guarantee safe and trouble-free operation of our online tests. This means:

  • all online tests are available round the clock on any day of the year
  • all servers are housed in a high security data center in Germany
  • active monitoring of the systems by our IT specialists
  • the access rights to the data are clearly defined and logged
  • the entire data communication is encrypted in 128-bit SSL
  • personal data are encrypted in the database
  • operational reliability through redundant servers and internet connections