DIN 33430 deals with the question of what a professional aptitude assessment depends on and provides quality criteria for all process steps of the personnel selection. On the occasion of the currently amended version of DIN 33430, Dr. Joachim Kolbert, Test Development Manager of ALPHA-TEST, explains the main changes.

„The first version of DIN 33430 was adopted in 2002. But since then, process steps and applicant selection requirements changed not only due to new technological possibilities and scientific development. Additionally, a revision is required ten years after publication.”, explains Dr. Joachim Kolbert.

The content of DIN 33430 is now more clearly oriented  on the practical personnel selection and focus more on the quality criteria of the single process steps. Among other things, the quality criteria of the requirement analysis are more detailed and the selection methods clearly differentiated.

To guarantee a higher practical relevance, common terms like competence and potential are now used and the qualification requirements of all persons involved in the selection process described in more detail.

The amendment details more explicitly those modern technological developments as numerous steps are processed computer-supported and web-based. Therefore amendment contains information for the stability of the system and proper functions of different platforms. Furthermore the verification of authenticity of all participants is underlined.

„Is a selection process set up according to the amended DIN 33430, it provides a valid and legally compliant personnel selection which respects the interests of the applicants for a fair selection process as well as those of the company for efficiency and calculable benefits.”, knows Dr. Joachim Kolbert.

ALPHA-TEST supports companies such as Penny, Würth or ZEISS with DIN-compliant online assessments in the personnel selection process.