No matter if you are looking for Apprenticeships, Trainees or Professionals – ALPHA-TEST is your Partner!

You tell us who you are looking for and we will recommend the perfect test modules. You benefit from our experience and our competence. If you have chosen to work with us, we will do everything possible to make our online tests lead your company to a successful selection process.

We offer online tests for all industries, professions and positions in companies.

  • Apprenticeships and students
  • Trainees
  • Professionals and managers




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Companies that want to hire apprentices are confronted with a large number of applications. However they have as good as no other references except for school grades to judge the applicants. Therefore they usually use online assessments to have a reliable basis for the selection.

Our online assessments for apprenticeships and integrated degree students include specific tests as well as general competence tests and personality trait tests.

We offer specific online tests for following occupation groups:

  • Commercial professions including trade
  • Technical (eg. electronics, electromechanics, mechanics)
  • IT professionals (eg. system administrators, IT specialists)
  • Professions in the chemical industry (eg. laboratory technicians, chemical technicians)
  • nursing
  • Service sector (eg. catering & hotel business, call centre, customer service)


We offer specific online tests for following integrated degree programs:

  • Economics
  • Engineering/ industrial engineering
  • Computer science/ business informatics

The innovative online assessments of ALPHA-TEST form the reliable basis for your selection of apprentices and integrated degree students.


Graduates are young professionals with high potential to take important functions in the company in the future. Usually they have an above average intelligence, but only little work experience, so that no valid conclusions if they will prove themselves at the work can be drawn from the CVs.

Our online tests for your high potentials include:

  • Industry-specific online intray excercises
  • Management simulations
  • Personality and values
  • Leadership potential


Deliver the positive image or your company with transparent and innovative methods of applicant-selection – use our online tests!

Have a look at our brochure online assessment for graduates

Analyses of potential allow assessing the development potentials of people who already have several years of professional experience.

For the selection and the analysis of potential of your professionals and managers, we offer various online tests (on demand partly also as a paper-pencil version).

The focus of our online tests is in following areas:

  • General personality assessment
  • Leadership skills
  • Management skills
  • Intercultural competence


For the following functions in the company we also have some industry specific online tests:

  • Sales
  • Purchase


Our online tests were developed in collaboration with HR experts.