Open-Source-System of ALPHA-TEST for your Online Self Assessment

Universities benefit from the up-to-date-technology, data security and excellent service of ALPHA-TEST.

ALPHA-TEST supports its clients throughout the entire process:


ALPHA-TEST offers:

  • CMS-based open-source-system
  • Content management system for self-management of online self assessments at different levels
  • Simply develop a new online self assessment for a course
  • Expand existing online self assessments with new elements such as videos, questionnaires or informations
  • Edit the content of existing online self assessments without changing the structure
  • Data security and quick response
  • Long-term support and maintenance

We are there from the beginning when it comes to the introduction of online self assessments at your university. We advise on the design and create a basic structure with you.

You can decide whether the online self assessment should be filled with your content or shall we shape the modules for you. We can select the tasks or formats that are suitable for the study program from our task pool together.

Using our requirements tools, you can specify the requirements for the studies yourself. With the Delphi method the requirements from the perspective of different groups (teachers and students) are collected and aggregated. The result is incorporated into the design of the course-specific online self assessment.


We ensure a smooth operation of the online self assessment. A maintenance contract regulates the access rights to the data. Basically, the data is available to the university as CSV files. Through a secure download area authorized users can download the data for statistical analysis.
The contract regulates the various user permissions:

    • Editors from the study fields that can change the content
    • Administrators from central service areas of the university/ college, who can download the data.

    The software is hosted on our servers in a data center in Germany. Alternatively, a hosting on the university/ college server is possible. Updates such as new item formats, evaluation tools, etc. are provided regularly.

    We guarantee the security of the data collected by us within the legal possibilities. The data transfer and storage occurs via an encrypted connection.

    Our solution is to use your own CMS system and to integrate the online self assessment as a part of it. Your advantages:

          • You can change or expand the online self assessment by yourself
          • You use the editorial system that you already know
          • You also have the full service of ALPHA-TEST