Our Online Self Assessments for Universities…

… are based on the insight that the following factors predict a successful graduation.:

  • Awarness of the characteristics of the course and the studying conditions.
  • Personal suitability both in cognitive ability as well as in the motivational area.
  • Convergence of interests and expectations with the actual course content.


Our system has a modular design and allows individual combinations of the modules for single study programs. The modules have different formats depending on their objective. It is also possible to chose from different module formats in each area.

For example for the „Information“-area a text, video or animation module can be selected. We help universities and colleges to create each piece of content by formulating texts, making videos or designing animations.



The most common cause of drop-out is the lack of convergence of interests and expectations with the actual course content.

Therefore, it is particularly important during the development of online self assessment, to carefully develop this aspect in collaboration with the teachers and students of the subject. We support you with our online submission tool as well as with dialogues and workshops with all relevant groups.

The modules from the “interests & expectations” are characterized by the fact that here the input of the user is always matched to given statements of an expert judgement. The user is informed at the end about the degree of compliance of its own assessment with that of experts.



Based on our collection of methods of testing we assemble online self assessments specific to given courses of studies, that enables a good prediction of academic success:

  • Intelligence tests
  • Specific tests
  • Personal trait tests


Various item formats are supported. For example multiple choice, single choice, dragd and drop, priority lists and graphic formats for different tasks, in particular for the study-specific online self assessments.


The feedback of our online self assessments is always formulated appreciatively. Nevertheless, deviations from the requirements are still displayed. This applies to both performance tests as well as to the field of “interests and expectations”.

Suggestions for improving the skills and information about the reasonable expectations on the studies are also a part of the feedback.

Graphic elements illustrate the result.