Measure the relevant Personality Traits of your Candidates with the Personality Tests of ALPHA-TEST!

“Personality” is a vital element in matching a candidate to his duties. The following personality tests determine the relevant profile of your candidates, which will be crucial for your selection process: their emotional and behavioral patterns, habits and interests.

ALPHA-TEST recommend the below listed personality tests for your online assessment:

Test name Assessed skills multilingual valid
ASB-R Adjectival self-description questionnaire
AT-360 360-degree-feedback on 20 leadership and management skills critical to the performance
CASA-AF Work and leadership style test
CASA-EK Emotional competence
CASA-PW Personality and values
CASA-SI Planning tasks to measure the management skills
EKT Personality test for buyers
FAF Questionnaire for the selection of the executive personnel
FAF-A Questionnaire for selection of specialists
FBM Questionnaire on about professional motivation
FDUP Test for entrepreneurial potentials
ICU Scenario test assessing intercultural competencies
MCS Management case studies assessing the planning skills
OSA Self-Assessment for specialists and managers
TA-AZ Personality test for the selection of apprentices
TA-CS Test for the selection of employees in the service sector